Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Haunting of Leigh Harker by Darcy Coates

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Haunting of Leigh Harker by Darcy Coates


Welcome all to a new Waiting on Wednesday! This week I am impatiently waiting for the newest Darcy Coates book: The Haunting of Leigh Harker!

I am always eager for Darcy Coates books, though I mostly lean towards her haunted houses (and oh yes that scary time in the woods) books. So it was a while before I had a new book to be totally hyped about. Namely this one! In which a girl, Leigh Harker is living a good life.. until things go all spooky in her house! The blurb sounds scary with ominous figures in the dark, rattling handles, fingernails scratching. Oh boy, it sounds like I won’t be sleeping when I read this book and I am looking forward to that. Haha, I am more than willing to sacrifice some sleep for spookiness. I am so curious what secrets that house holds and what is behind that locket door under the stairs (probably no Harry Potter unless he died???).

The book won’t release until 7th September… so we got some time to go. ARGH!

The Haunting of Leigh Harker, Blue, Face, Darcy Coates, Horror, Ghost,Sometimes the dead reach back…
Leigh Harker’s quiet suburban home was her sanctuary for more than a decade, until things abruptly changed. Curtains open by themselves. Radios turn off and on. And a dark figure looms in the shadows of her bedroom door at night, watching her, waiting for her to finally let down her guard enough to fall asleep.
Pushed to her limits but unwilling to abandon her home, Leigh struggles to find answers. But each step forces her towards something more terrifying than she ever imagined.
A poisonous shadow seeps from the locked door beneath the stairs. The handle rattles through the night and fingernails scratch at the wood. Her home harbours dangerous secrets, and now that Leigh is trapped within its walls, she fears she may never escape.
Do you think you’re safe?
You’re wrong.

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