What Did Read During My Vacation 2021?

What Did Read During My Vacation 2021?

Afternoon all~

Hey all, I am back again! dances

My vacation this year was way more active and we could do a lot more than the previous year. Still, due to the weather we couldn’t do everything, but still this was a big improvement over last year’s Corona stuck to a tent vacation. We went on some fun walks and bicycle trips, went to a museum, I could finally visit that big big new library in the city nearby, we ate ice cream (they still had those nut free cornettos), we could swim three times in the lake (sadly, it was just too cold for more of that), I read many books, we went on three movie dates (last movie we saw was Valentine’s Day 2020 so this was a big big event for us), and there was much more, including plenty of pancakes.XD

Like each year I brought a box filled with books with me. Some for my husband, a lot for me. It is always a bit hit/miss given that I am such a mood-reader, but I want to have plenty of books to have plenty of choice to read when I can. It is hard to not read these books as I save them for my vacation but it is so worth it each vacation.

This year I visited the libraries for plenty of books. I really filled my arms and baskets with books. Haha, that is what happens when libraries allow for 25 books! Bookworms just cannot resist.

Stats: This year I read 65 books! 20 were my own (from the box, e-reader, or 4 I bought during my vacation), 2 were from mini-libraries, and 44 were from the libraries around me. I was on vacation for 22 days. Which means I read around 2.95 books a day! I read a total of 9767 pages which means 150 pages on average per book. My longest book was 684 pages and my shortest was a 28 pages picture book.

NOTE: Arrow down means tried/not finished. A smiley face means read. If it has nothing it means I didn’t get to reading them.

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