What I Hope To Read September 2021

What I Hope To Read September 2021

Hey all!

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post featuring all the amazing new releases that I would love to read in September. It is spooky time~

I am really hyped about September as the spooky theme of August is continuing! I got plenty of thrillers/mysteries. But also a couple of non-spooky books which I cannot wait. You need to balance the spookiness. Haha. I don’t know if I will have time to read these new releases given that I am on vacation for most of August meaning that the August books had to be moved to September. Oh well, I guess I cannot complain about not having anything to read. XD

I am not adding pre-orders again. Amazon is still not in the right order with their pre-orders. But to give an idea what I would love to pre-order: new Genie & Jeanie book, Last Kids on Earth #6, The Haunting of Leigh Harker, All These Bodies.

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The Girls Are Never Gone, Sarah Glenn Marsh, Hand, Horror, Paranormal, LGBT, Ghosts

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