What I Hope To Read Vacation 2021

What I Hope To Read Vacation 2021

Afternoon everyone!

Welcome to my Vacation Reads. Mehsi is going camping again and boy books are needed!

I am so happy that this year the restrictions are less, and that while we still have to be careful, we can do more things. We can now visit some museums, maybe go out for a drink or eat when we bicycle or do a big walk, visit zoos, and so much more. Of course, I also want to relax plenty and read a lot so I brought a box full of books with me. WOW, it has been hard to NOT read these books. Each year it is almost torture to save books for 3/4 months, but in the end it is worth it.

Just like the previous years I am definitely planning on visiting the nearby library, maybe even cycle past some others in the surrounding area. AND, finally, I may be able to check out the new big library in the city nearby! I couldn’t go last year because of Corona, but this year things are actually a bit freer so I can go! I am so hyped to finally check out the building, I cannot wait to meet the collection of books.

I got 3 stacks this time. 1 with 4 library books and 2 stacks with books of my own. It is less books than last year but I got some bigger boys on my stack so I guess it balances out.

Not shown here, but also important to read are: 4 manga (got approved two days ago and apparently their archive date is just after my vacation so got to read them), and I got 4 ARCs, 3 LGBT books to be read at latest early September, and a book for a Blog Tour which needs to be read before 31st August. I got swamped! But I don’t mind, so much to read now. I won’t be bored!

NOTE: This year no booklist. I am sorry guys, I am just tuckered out. Been working hard on so many things, too many things my body is screaming. I want to at least share what I hope to read during my 3 week vacation, but book list is just a step too far.

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8 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read Vacation 2021

    1. Thank you! And we have a (still in very much in trial) system here that allows you to get a subscription at another library for free if you are a member of another library. So I got a subscription over at home, I show that, and I get a subscription at this new library. Not all libraries have great subscriptions for people use this way to visit more libraries (which is weird in my eyes), but my vacation library has one subscription for everyone. So that is great! And so I can just hop in whenever I want to grab some new books. Ohh, that is great to hear, I am definitely in for a book that surprises me!

        1. Yep, it is still very much in trial/starting blocks, they really want to make a system that you just need 1 pass for any library in the country. So have one home library and use that pass everywhere. Plus, some more stuff. Hopefully one day that will become reality.

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