Library Haul ~ 11-9-2021 (Library #2 + Library #3)

Library Haul ~ 11-9-2021 (Library #2 + Library #3)

Afternoon everyone!!

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Welcome to a new Library Haul post! Yesterday I visited Library #2 and #3.

I was definitely happy to get to visit both these libraries again, after all the last time I went was a bit before my vacation started so it’s been some time. XD I had a ton of reservations up and waiting for me at Library #2 (including a few that I have been waiting for looks at Flanagan #2 and Glitter but I also planned to walk around a bit and see if I could find some more books. In the end I even found a book that, according to the library, was just not findable, but actually was in the just-came-back-in-book shelves. I guess one kid wasn’t interested in the book and just dumped it there. Plus, I found a few more fun picture books that were just telling me to take them home. It was nice and quiet at the library which meant I could power up my mental health a bit. Books and quiet, yes.

Onwards to Library #3 and while I am a bit disappointed with the haul. Yes, I did get almost the limit of what I can borrow, it just was a bit of a struggle to find books. In the end I am happy with what I found and I cannot wait to read these books, especially the photography books are high on my list, followed by Lore (which I have been meaning to read, so yas).

STATS: 40 books at Library #2 and 9 books at Library #3.

NOTE: Book list to come when I feel up to it. Been a weird week and a sad Saturday, so not now.

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2 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 11-9-2021 (Library #2 + Library #3)

    1. Thank you! I love picking from all genres/age groups~ Aww, it is tons of fun to do so and I am happy that Library #2 allows me to borrow so many books!

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