Library Haul 2-9-2021

Library Haul 2-9-2021

Hey all!

A happy welcome to a new Library haul! Yesterday I visited Library #1 and got a whole new big stack of books!

So yesterday I decided on going to Library #1, I needed some more new books in my life because I won’t be visiting Library #2 or #3 until next week. Plus, going to the city meant that I could visit a discount shop I love to get some last doggo supplies. Yes, you read that read, a doggo. I know this is about my library haul, but I am sure you are curious now. We have adopted a cutie from the shelter (went to see her on Sunday last week and it just clicked) and going to pick her up tomorrow. Since this is our first dog… we needed all the supplies. So we have been doing that all week. I will definitely be posting some pictures soon on my Twitter. So look forward to that!

Back to the library! I was excited to be back to the library again, its been some weeks with my vacation in between so I was looking forward to finding tons and tons of books. Or at least, I was hoping they added some new books in that time. Haha. I can tell you they did! Though now that Corona measures are dwindling it has been harder to find those new books. But I don’t mind. That way I can just stay a bit longer at the library. I looked at all my favourite spots and kept adding books to my stack, eventually wishing for the baskets that they used to have during the stricter Corona times. XD

I am very excited, no HYPED to have finally found the new Suzanne Vermeer book. It has been such a quest to find that book. And I found some cute-sounding new MG reads in English (YAS library, go go), planning on reading Alien Superstar today! Oh, and so happy that they are adding some Holly Martin books in English because I have been meaning to check out those books, because those covers are just TOO gorgeous.

STATS: 14 books. 6 non-fiction, 1 graphic novel, 7 fiction.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Alien Superstar by Henry Winkler, Lin Oliver
The Princess Rules by Philippa Gregory
Everyday Magic by Jess Kidd
Brand New Boy by David Almond
Autumn Skies over Ruby Falls by Holly Martin
Familiediner by Linda van Rijn
Zomeravond by Suzanne Vermeer
Eksters houden van bling bling by Koen Moons
Het allerkleinste by Dirk Ridder
Gifalarm! by Professor Jan Tytgat, Evelien De Vlieger
Arlo by Floor Denil
Meesterlijke vrouwen by Stichting Plint
Ik ga op reis en ik neem mee… by Catherine Veitch, Duncan Beedie
Het grote rif by Helen Scales, Lisk Feng

4 thoughts on “Library Haul 2-9-2021

  1. Mooie haul, ben ik tenminste niet de enige die meerdere bibliotheken bezoekt haha.
    Mijne heeft weinig engelse keuze helaas.

    1. Dank je! En haha, blij om ook eens te iemand te vinden die er meerdere bezoekt. Mensen kijken me altijd vreemd aan als ik zeg dat ik 4 biebs heb. XD Aww, zonde! De meeste van mijn biebs doen de laatste tijd toch wel iets meer hun best om de collectie bij te vullen of recentere boeken erbij te doen, maar ik heb biebs gehad met een collectie van 1 plankje of misschien een klein kastje en voornamelijk klassiekers of oudere boeken. 🙁

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