Review for Are You Eating Candy Without Me?

Review for Are You Eating Candy Without Me?

Are You Eating Candy Without Me?, Draga Jenny Malesevic, Charlotte Bruijn, Girl, Candy, Questions, Humour, Children's Books, Picture BookA delightful fun picture book in which kids ask very important questions to their parents!

I got this book from the library in Dutch, but since this book is officially English and I really enjoyed reading this one I will be writing a review for you all in English. I would recommend this fun book to all!

While I don’t remember much from my childhood (just bits and bobs here and there) I can remember that just like this group of kids I was curious what adults do all day while I was in school. And in this lovely and hilarious book the kids are asking those questions and pondering all that could be the answers. We see them ask about rules, about jumping on trampolines and dressing up in fun clothes and performing plays, to the most important question of all, Are You Eating Candy Without Me??? I had so much fun seeing the kids fantasize about their parents and I loved how they tried to rationalise because NOOO, parents wouldn’t do all those things, right? RIGHT? Haha, well I am not a parent so I cannot answer all those questions, but I guess as a parent I would have to make up something. Haha, because if I see a trampoline I would go for it. Candy, I am a bit reluctant to eat that during the day, but if the opportunity arises I may just say yes. XD

The ending was hilarious! Topping it off with a cherry on top.

I love the art in this one, it was just so adorable and I laughed my butt off seeing the adults have the time of their lives (if we have to believe the fantasies of the kids).

I would recommend this one to all~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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