Review for Benny Lost His Blurgle

Review for Benny Lost His Blurgle

Benny Lost His Blurgle, Patrick Kaiser, Ariel Kaiser, Sounds, Adventure, Family, Picture Book, Cave, Light, Children's BooksI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

In this wonderful adventure we are going to search for Benny’s lost sound. Yep! Benny and his family are quite special as they have their own sound that they love to throw out in the world. But in this book Benny has lost it due to some bullies (boo bullies). I just ADORED that his dad instantly grabbed his son and that they went on an adventure. I am still not sure if it is real or imagined but I don’t mind either as it is still a wonderful and adventurous story filled with pirates and jabberwocks and spooky things and caves and more. There just isn’t a moment to breathe or rest because we are on to the next adventure.

I loved that part with the mom and dad near the end, and I am definitely curious if mom has her own sound as well, and then I am even more curious what it would be?

It is just a shame that we never find out if Benny did find his Blurgle back or not. I would have loved to find that out, see Benny do a big fat BLURGLE for us.

The book is nicely written and in rhyme! It made it even more playful.

The art was a bit hit/miss for me, on the one hand I love it, and especially happy to see backgrounds, but on the other hand the characters looked a bit odd at times.

But in overall, I really had fun reading this story and I do wonder if I have a sound myself or not. XD I think kids will really enjoy this fun book and maybe it will lead to them having some fun new sounds~

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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