Review for Chobits Vol.1-Vol.4

Review for Chobits Vol.1-Vol.4

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaIt was high time to re-read this amazing series. So happy to see Chi again!

So September 24th I finished my re-readathon for this amazing and gorgeous series filled with CLAMPs wonderful art. I laughed at Chii when she started learning new things and her enthusiasm for everything, I cried when the story got more and more serious and we got some backstory on not just Chii, but also other characters. And then there is the budding romance between Hideki and Chii which I just love.

I wrote a short review for each of the volumes and this is part one of it. I will also make a post for Vol.5 to Vol.8 reviews soon.

Volume 1: Star rating, 4 stars: Decided it was high time to re-read this series again! It’s has been a long time (probably around 10 years) since I last read the series, so I am hyped! In this one Hideki finds a persocom at the trash. And what follows are funny day to day events as Hideki and Chi live together and try to figure out what Chi is. Because Chi is something. She moves without OS, sometimes acts a bit weird, doesn’t seem to understand basic things (like wearing clothes), and there is more! While its been years, but I still remember most of the details and I also cannot wait to see the story unfold, to find out all about Chi, get into this one again. I love all the references to other CLAMP stuff (like the café he meets up with that guy who is helping him out). I love the idea of persocoms. I mean, I would love one! I am not sure if I would like a laptop or a PC, they are both so amazing (and cute).

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaVolume 2: Star rating, 4 stars: This was GOOD! In this one the story definitely goes a bit faster! I found it sweet of Chi to find a job, but I still wished someone had come along with her to help her out… because we see where she ended up now… which also leads to consent and how even a persocom should have that. If she doesn’t want to touch herself, then it is no. We also have a new picture book, while not the most interesting for me, I do like them as they belong to the story as a whole and give some good information on Chobits/what they are. We also learn some new things on Chobits, on Chi, on the landlady, and boy, I was just wishing for more because it was so exciting!
While I loved that Hideki had a girl interested in him (though I am still not 100% sold on it, I guess my mind still remembers details from the first times I read this manga, though cannot get all the details up), I did feel sorry for Chi.
Also loved seeing a certain relationship, though it also worries me.
I loved Chi’s outfits, they are so CLAMP and I would love to wear most of them.

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaVolume 3: Star rating, 4 stars: And so things get even more exciting and things get twisty and turny. We meet new people who may not be too good (though I remember that I loved their relationship and their clothes). We get some more questions and one answer (which was a big shock to Hideki). I loved that Chi found a job and is very eager to show she can do it. Plus, she looks adorable. I loved what she bought with her first money (though haha, I can only imagine the looks of people in the store). There is lot of emotions in this one and I wonder if Hideki truly understands what Chi is going through, given how he feels about persocoms…
My heart broke for the teacher, while I am very much against cheating, I guess I can understand this situation and I even wonder if the husband knows his wife is gone. Given the lock.. I guess not. I am glad she has Shimbo though and I hope she finds trust again.
I had such a laugh at Shimbo’s laptop who is now living with Hideki. Haha, Hideki is definitely not too eager about how happy she is in the mornings. XD
And of course new picture books, tons of philosophical questions, and more.

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaVolume 4: Star rating, 4 stars: In this volume we learn more about Chi, Hideki figures out what the picture books are about (took him some time), Chi feels sad and talks to Hideki about it (poor Chi), and Chi gets kidnapped by some weird dude. There are more things happening, this volume was packed and I was fully invested again.
That last part with the bakery owner? I am still crying, my heart just broke for that guy, holy.. I can imagine why he is the way he is. I am happy that he and Hideki shared this moment, that they both understand that one could indeed LOVE a persocom, even if it was a machine.

2 thoughts on “Review for Chobits Vol.1-Vol.4

  1. One of my favourite CLAMP series. Chobits is fun, but also full of serious moments and complex ideas. It also has very tight storytelling, every character they include has a problem that relates to the central themes.

    1. Yay, happy to see another fan! Yep, I love how they are able to mix fun and serious and make it work, CLAMP is a pro at that. Every series of theirs has humour but also touches on serious topics or won’t shy away from going darker. And I agree on that last part as well, each person we meet has their story to tell and it just clicks together like one big puzzle.

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