Review for Hollowpox: The Hunt For Morrigan Crow

Review for Hollowpox: The Hunt For Morrigan Crow

Jessica Townsend, Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow, Nevermoor, Book 3, Green, Fire, Girl, Fantasy, Cats, Children's Books, Friendship, Magic, Challenges, WundersmithA new Morrigan Crow, and it is time to learn the Wretched (Wundrous) Arts! But there are also tons of exciting things happening! Oh my!

The newest Morrigan Crow/Nevermoor and I finally had time to read it! It was one of my most hyped books of 2020, sadly by the time I could get it, or more accurate, by the time Amazon had it in stock it was 2021. 😐 I had planned on reading this during my vacation… but things got in between and here we are. XD

In this book a new term/new year is starting for Morrigan and her friends. Unit 919. I was definitely looking forward to seeing all they would learn this year, but hadn’t expected that Morrigan would be taught her own things. Yep, there is more to WunSoc and that is a whole department for Wundersmiths. I was definitely hyped about this and curious to who or what would teach Morrigan given that the only known Wundersmith is Squall, and you don’t want him around. I really loved reading about Morrigan’s time in this department and loved that she could learn all about Wundersmiths and how the arts worked. Something that was really needed given that she has tried for herself and well.. burning yourself is not the best thing. I do have one little thing that I found a shame and that was how withdrawn Morrigan became. She fully focussed on those Arts and I really missed parts with her unit and her friends, seeing her normal classes. I would have rather seen it be a bit more balanced. I get that Morrigan is all HYPED about something for her, but yeah.. I wish that people had kept an eye on her more. Or that the writer made it more balanced.

There is plenty more happening in the city and that is Wunimals going wild… and hollow. Yep, we are at the title now. Hollowpox is going through the city and it causing a big rift between the normal citizens and the wunimals. A rift that was already there because enough people believe that animals aren’t citizens, but now with all the rage and the murder… things are going bad. It was really well written though it absolutely broke my heart that people would go this far. Look, if the Wunimals did it on purpose… sure, but now? They are just  captured/sick and cannot help themselves.

The Wunimals gone wild BTW made for some scary parts!

What more… mm, oh yes. Morrigan gets popular, but not in the way anyone wants. Squall appears as well, as he does. There is an offer on the table just made me want to flip the damn table. XD But, I could definitely understand Morrigan’s ideas/thoughts on the offer. That is all I will say. Unit 919 does some exciting things including visiting a library (yes, us bookworms will be delighted, but even those not into libraries will love those parts). We discover tons about Wundrous Arts and the history of Wundersmiths.

There are tons of exciting moments, sad moments, moments that made me laugh (especially with the hotel), and many more things. I really flew through the book and had a ton of fun reading it. Would recommend it to all. And now the wait begins… still a year to go before the next one (and maybe longer depending on Amazon).

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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    1. It is!! I just wish it would come out faster. XD I need more each time I finish a book. Same! So same! Wouldn’t it be great if we could transport in the book world?

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