Review for How To Be Owned By A Cat

Review for How To Be Owned By A Cat

How To Be Owned By A Cat, Kate C., Cats, Non-Fiction, Humour, Guide,I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

In the second book we got to read all about how to handle (or try to) two cats and all one should do to help these two cats to cohabit peacefully (or as peacefully as possible). In this book however it is all about her experiences with her very first cat, the wonderful Theodore!

We begin, of course, with the adoption process, and boy it sounds like so much fun to sit in a room to find your potential cat for life, I can only imagine how hard it is not to scoop them all up. XD After that we read some more on the adoption progress and then we head to what to do when you have your first cat. We get tons and tons of fun tips, lists, and information on all you need for your cat, about vet visits (and maybe using some stress relief stuff to make sure the visit goes well), about grooming (and that Theodore needs 3 people), about plants and also about cat behaviour. I also learned about alpha/beta/gamma cats, something that had me looking oddly at the pages as I mostly know Alpha/Beta/Gamma animals to be wolves, and more specifically werewolves. XD Yes, the books I read.  It was all very well-written and informative. I am not planning on getting a cat soon (allergies are in the way), but I love reading books about it. Maybe one day they will make a super-anti-allergy pill and I can get a cat. Haha, by then I will be so informed about having a cat because I read all the books about them. XD

The book includes hilarious stories about Theodore and all that Theodore does at times (from Poophoria to getting his owner to find him on all the times when he wants to inspecting the house) and also her trying to figure out how cats work and what makes Theodore tick and why he does things the way he does. It was tons of fun to read!

I also loved that the last story in the book was done from Theodore’s POV!

All in all, I really had tons of fun reading this book and I do hope that Kate will write some more books about cats (or gets a third cat to make that How to be owned by a 3rd cat book). I would recommend this one to everyone thinking about getting a cat or, like me, are interested in reading about cats. This is a short book but filled to the brim with information and fun.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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