Review for Marvel: Avengers Assembly #2: The Sinister Substitute

Review for Marvel: Avengers Assembly #2: The Sinister Substitute

The Sinister Substitute, Marvel Avengers Assemly, Preeti Chhiber, James Lancett, Children's Books, SuperheroesOur trio of Spiderman, Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel is back. This time friendship, strange things happening at school, priorities, and more!

A superduper fun book this time we get Doreen aka Squirrel Girl as MC and I loved it. Hope that next time is Miles! Squirrel Girl is really hit/miss for me. I like her character/her powers, but it really depends on how she gets written if I like her or not. The comics that I read. No. She was immature, annoying, and more squirrel than girl. But in the Hale and also Chhibber way we have a mature, fun, punny and sweet girl! And I was just delighted. This is the girl I want to see.

I really liked seeing what happened at the school and all the evil things that got planned and plotted. A lot of things happen at school (both good and bad) and at times I just felt so sad for the characters that got in trouble for things they didn’t do. Or well. Not consciously. I had fun puzzling and figuring out who could be the mastermind of the story. I have to say I am a bit disappointed it is that villain, I do hope next time we get someone else as the big baddie.

I was sad about the friendship between Nancy/Doreen, but I am proud that she knew she was wrong and tried to patch it up. I was also said to see the friendship/teamship between the characters disappear a bit (and how they didn’t believe her), but thankfully things got patched up and I saw my team again!

I cannot wait for the next book, X-Men! Yas! I cannot wait to see my favourite X-Men in this fabulous art style.

Star rating, 5 stars

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