Review for Owl Eyes Motel

Review for Owl Eyes Motel

Owl Eyes Motel, Spooky, Heaven/Hell, Short Book, Short Stories, WTFWelcome to the Owl Eyes Motel… will you get a happy or a bad ending??

I came across this spooky book over at a book blog (was before my vacation so I can’t remember who it was) and decided to buy it. During my vacation I had time to read this one and WOW. This was a good and interesting book with several WTF moments!

Welcome to the motel.. where you only will come if you are dead (or if apparently you are in a .hack// situation (let’s see who gets that reference)). This short book is filled with several stories about men and women who come to the motel and we learn all about them and their circumstances. Because sometimes things just aren’t what they seem which I just loved because that made everything even better for me. And I just loved how the motel seemed like such a normal motel. It just seems like such a normal place to just casually crash when you need some room or if you are on the road. There is food, dancing, music, and more. So I was delighted that this was just not a motel like any other.

I do have a few questions. I mean, there are some people walking (or well sitting and eating), are those people part of the motel? The owner did call them regulars, but it seemed a bit odd to me given the nature of the motel.

Still, I want so much more of these stories, I need more Owl Eyes Motel! I need to know more about the motel and how things started. Please, write more! I need more stories with twisty endings and creepy going-ons.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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