Review for Squad Goals

Review for Squad Goals

Squad Goals, Girl, Sparkles, Cheerleading, Pompoms, Erika J. Kendrick, Pink, Sunset, Camp, Children's BookA fun summer read about cheerleading, friendship, growing up, and finding new friends.

I just had to add this book to my shelves. I love books about cheerleading, about summer camps. We don’t have cheerleading here (or well not like the US in school and such) so I always love reading about it. Just a shame that there is so much bullying coming along with it. Even in this one! But there was also plenty of fun cheerleading, workouts to get stronger, and pompom shaking! I just loved reading about Magic and see her get good (and not just in the cheerleading department)! Because in the beginning she is clumsy and makes so many mistakes, but as the story continues you see that she is getting better and is being able to do routines without too much stumbling or inhalers. I found myself rooting for her!

I loved Magic’s new friends, all of them, they were such a lovely bunch of people and I love how they helped each other. I loved seeing a girl there with a wheelchair, doing her own stunts and making the routine even more kick-ass That was just so lovely! It is definitely my first cheerleading book with a girl in a wheelchair so I hope that we get more of this! This girl sure showed she could be part of the cheerleading team. I loved seeing her make up new stunts.

I also really liked the parts with Dallas and Magic.

The bullies? Urgh. I just hated those parts so much. But I am happy that when adults saw it (sadly not as often as they should) they told the girls to stop. Be more inclusive and kind. But yeah, for most there is lots of mean words and I just had a hard time reading those parts.

I did feel that while what Cappie did wasn’t cool or nice, Magic was also a bit too clingy at times. I could imagine why Cappie would flock to someone else. Not saying that I agree with the way she did it though or what she did afterwards or all the things she said. That was just too much. But I can imagine that she would also find her people and hang out with them. Just like Magic did in this book.

Could the author please make up their mind on whether to call Cappie Cappie, or Capricorn, or Capricorn Reese? No one else’s name had so many variations and it really confused me at times when our MC would call her friend Capricorn. At first I even thought it was a whole different person. XD

The ending was really sweet (predictable, but I didn’t mind that at all, I was just so happy) though I would have liked some extra conclusiveness on the bullies and what is going to happen to them now. I mean, given everything will they be thrown out of school (oh please please please) or will they just get some punishment and come back??? I want to know!

Haha, sorry for my all over the place review! I got many more things to tell, but I don’t want to make it too long. So I will just say this, read it! A fun book about a girl learning to stand on her own feet, find her magic and her crew, and a summer of glitter and pompoms!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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  1. This sounds like such a fun read! It sounds so sweet too, and I’m glad Magic ends up falling in with great friends. I don’t feel like there are too many books with a big focus on cheerleading, but it’s definitely a fascinating subject! Great review! 😄🎶

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