Review for The Alpha’s Role

Review for The Alpha’s Role

The Alpha's Role, April Kelly, Valleywood, Romance, LGBT, Male Pregnancy, Mates, Shifters, Bear, Torso, Man, City, ParanormalI received this book from Gay Romance Reviews in exchange of an honest review.

I was very intrigued and interested in this book. It is, from what I know, my very first m-preg book so I was curious about that and see if these two boys would be able to get their wish of getting pregnant. Plus, I wanted to see how the dynamics worked if you added a new mate to the mix, especially if that mate is an alpha.

Meet Charlie and Sam, two Omega shifters whose biggest wish is getting a baby! When they decide to add a roommate in the mix for money they never expected to find another mate, an Alpha in this case! I had such a laugh when one of the Omega shifters met Tyler and a bond was made. Though I also could understand the worry and the stress. Here you are, just looking for a room and suddenly you meet your mate… who is also mated to someone else. Oh my! Most of the book is them getting to know each other, help each other out, talk, talk and talk. Well, OK, the first part is them NOT talking because of the big shock of a third mate. But after that it all comes together and I just adored seeing these three care for each other. And in more than one way coughs. The sex scenes were definitely hot and OH MY. Very well written.

I loved the characters a lot. Tyler was an instant fav of mine. I just love this bear shifter so much. He is so sweet and kind, always ready to help. Sam and Charlie were adorable but took a bit of getting used to given their snark at moments (some of it justified but sometimes it was just rude). I also love the side-character Shelby who is the sister of Tyler. I just had such a laugh when she was around as she isn’t afraid to give someone a big piece of her mind. XD

I wasn’t all too happy at points with the latter part of the story. Yes, I get that you are worried that Tyler may leave, yes, I get you are all full of hormones that make your emotions all over the place. BUT hello. Yes, Tyler said he was more than happy with babies in the mix. HOWEVER, you just know each other for what? A month? I don’t think the guy thought it would be instant and especially not 2 kids. That is a big BIG change for someone and I can imagine that Tyler’s feelings are all over the place. That he is wondering what to do. That he is crying and unhappy. And not because you guys are having babies. It is a big change. You guys are ready, have been waiting for years for this. He is still young and this is all so new. He is allowed to feel those things. He shouldn’t have to fucking prove himself to you that he is really committed. He shouldn’t have to bribe you all. WTF. It is a big thing for everyone, respect that.

The ending though, or those last few pages were just so cute and I am so happy for our trio! Good luck!

Sadly, I never got any answers on m-preg. I am still very much wondering how it all works. I mean, they have sex anally, how does all that sperm go to the right space? Is it connected to that space? Do they have a womb, more specifically do all shifters have that? Or something else? And how does the baby get out of a guy? I got so many questions and I am still all confundled by it. And I don’t dare to search on Google for that. It is like the word vore, some things you may not want to google. XD

In overall, I really had fun reading this short story, it had some downs, but mostly ups. I just loved the relationship between the 3 guys. See how well they fitted together and how Tyler was, despite being a big bear of a guy, a big motherhen who loves to take care of his Omega mates. I am really happy I had the chance to read this book!

Star rating, 3.5 starsStar rating, 4 stars (because I just cannot choose)

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