Review for The Box in the Woods

Review for The Box in the Woods

A spooky camp, murders, and Stevie and her friends are back for a new murder mystery that turns very real very soon.

Imagine my delight when I hear about a new book coming out in the Truly Devious series but this time it takes place at a summer camp! I so hope that we get more Truly Devious books because I definitely want to see Stevie solve some more cases!

I just loved the mystery and I just LOVE LOVE that it takes place at a summer camp, I just love American summer camps, they sound so cool (well, except the whole murder thing). It was fun to see Stevie connect the dots, figure out all the clues, I was definitely rooting for her despite her cough at times a bit inconvenient methods of solving things. XD I loved being in her head and see everything come together, plus I had fun puzzling along with her as well.

Not a fan of Carson for reasons (I guess people who read it can guess why), but I am glad that in the end he got the hint on some parts at least so that is nice.

I love that we went back and forth (at least for part) between the now and 1978. That gave us so much more insight in this, yet also kept many reasons clouded and that made me happy.

BUT, I don’t see why a typewriter is that hard? I mean, I am not old, but I know my way around a typewriter and there are tapes and such to correct errors and such. So, um why were there two conversations with Stevie and someone else on typewriters. Really. Yes, it isn’t as easy as these days that you can just backspace/delete, but it wasn’t HARD or anything.

Also while I do love the ending and what was revealed there… it also felt a bit like farfetched? Bit too far from the realm of things?

I did love the romance between Stevie and David, but I agree with Stevie… that was not the moment for that David. XD

I am also happy to see Janelle have such a great time as the chief of crafts and Nate… well, I am happy for Nate as well! Just sad that it took that to happen before x happened.

I am very happy with this book and I would highly recommend it.

Star rating, 5 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for The Box in the Woods

    1. It is part in the series, it continues after what happened with the Truly Devious mystery and takes place in the summer. It has nothing to do with TD, so it is a standalone mystery, but you do need to have read TD otherwise there are some spoiler/continuity stuff that you will miss.

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