Review for The Lives of Saints

Review for The Lives of Saints

The Lives of Saints, Red, Gold, Border, Grishaverse, Daniel J. Zollinger, Leigh Bardugo, Fantasy, Young Adult, Saints, NovellaLeigh Bardugo has done it again with this stunning book about the Grishaverse saints!

EEP! I was finally able to read this book! I am a giant fan of Grishaverse (though I still need to watch the series) and this book has been high on my list. Sadly, the book was just a bit too expensive on Amazon + I was a bit worried after the first reviews came in on Goodreads. So I decided to wait and by now it is translated in Dutch and I could get it from the library. And now I definitely want to see if the English version on Amazon has gone down in price because I NEED IT ON MY SHELVES!

In this gorgeous book we meet all sorts of saints from the Grishaverse and read what they did and what happened to them. Oh and of course what the protect/who they protect. It was really interesting to read and I just flew right through this book and its beautiful tales. Well, OK, beautiful yes, but also very sad and at times I just wanted to kick some ass as people were being asses. Like what happened to the saint who resurrected a child, or the saint whose bees saved the town. But I was expecting that. I mean, I have read other stories about saints and the general consensus is that you need to die gruesomely. Remember that I never become a saint. XD
I even recognised a couple of the saints from the Grishaverse books. Happy to see Alina (though sad as it is not about her origin story but more about kids she helped) and the Darkling (I know he is bad, but I just cannot resist, sorry).

The art in this book, aka the illustrations of the saints, WOW, just freaking gorgeous and I loved the details and how beautiful most of them were (yeah, sorry, not that into people stoned to death so that is why not all of them were beautiful). I really wouldn’t mind some prints of these to hang on my wall.

If you are a fan of the Grishaverse I would highly recommend this one.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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