Review for The Princess Rules

Review for The Princess Rules

Princess Rules, Princess Florizella, Philippa Gregory, Chris Chatterton, Princess, Prince, Feminism, Children's Books, Magic, Fantasy, Dragons, Fairy Tales, Girl, Boy, DragonMeet Princess Florizella, she is unlike any princess in her stories.

I spotted this adorable and fun looking book at the library and knew it had to come with me to home. And I am happy I did because this was a fun book featuring 3 stories (which is a surprise as I thought it was just one big book) about a princess named Florizella. Stories in which dragons and giants take part and there are princes and tons of adventures. I had tons of fun reading this one and I loved reading about this wonderful kingdom which sounds like a dream to live in. And Florizella has all the adventures with her cute horse called Jellybean and Prince Bennett who slowly has learned not to go for marriage. XD One of my favourite stories was definitely that one with the wolves and I loved Bennett’s creativity given one of the cubs.

However, the reason why I rated it 4 stars instead of the 4.5 is because at times it just felt like it was trying to hard and I got a bit tired of Florizella constantly reminding us she was not an ordinary princess and reminding us that she was more like a prince just with two extra s’s. Not to mention the way the other princesses and fairy tale endings were mentioned. I mean, I am all for having a fun story featuring a princess who isn’t acting like one and has parents who are mostly OK with it or just shrug and continue what they are doing, but no need to keep on talking about it on and on and on and on and act like the other princesses are just weird and fairy tale endings are not the way to go. Just let people do what they want.

I loved the illustrations and they were just too much fun. I loved seeing the world and the characters.

All in all, despite that thing I mentioned I had tons of fun reading this book and I am happy that I had a chance to read it. Thanks to my library for adding it to their collection.

Star rating, 4 stars

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