Review for The Wizard in my Shed

Review for The Wizard in my Shed

The Wizard In My Shed: The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild, Yellow, Warlock, Fantasy, Magic, Guinea Pig, Girl, Red Hair, Staff, Bird, Funny, Humour, Learning about the modern world, Dark Ages, Vengeance, Family, Simon Farnaby, Claire PowellThis was such a topsy-turvy fun adventure that had me in stitches all through the book.

About a wizard who may or may not be a big baddie, an annoying enemy who I just wanted gone as he was just way too much, a sweet girl who just wants her family to be back together and who wants to sing, a brother who was at first a bit annoying but I really warmed up to him, and tons of fun adventures, magic, weirdness, and more.

As you can see plenty of things happen in this book when a wizard gets sent to this current time and finds out that life is very much different. Cars, what are those? What is this toilet thing? And many other things it was all quite funny to see him try to adapt to this new timeline, but also see him figure out that it isn’t hell he entered (well, OK, for him it may be hell though given all the new-fangled things he finds on his adventure to get home).

Things really get topsy-turvy, there is never a moment of rest for these characters as things get lobbed at them constantly. From having to deal with magic, to bullies, to how to get a wand back into one, to dressing a bit more normally (and doing a rap about vegetables). There is plenty and that also meant I flew through the book.

Loved seeing all the characters become better and better with each page. Especially Merdyn who at first was so egotistical and annoying but when we saw what happened and all he went through, I could understand him a bit more. OK, he still has a long way to go, sure, but really he improves so much throughout the book that I was happy. I can imagine that he may have gone for that side when that happened to him. I just wanted to give him a big hug at that moment.

I also have to mention Bubbles, Rose’s guinea pig. I just loved that little guy (also got a soft spot for cute pets), but I loved him even more when he was able to talk. And that is pretty rare as talking animals are very much hit/miss for me, but it fitted so well with Bubbles to have him talk.

The villain (and that other person) was a true villain. Evil to the core, manipulative to the heart. I really wanted to punch him. And that is a good thing, because that means the character is well-written. Haha. Hope that makes sense.

While I did see the revelation come from far away it was still a very fun and delightful revelation and it made me very happy.

Fun illustrations that made things even funnier!

I am definitely curious about the next book, though I have to say that this one felt pretty complete to me, so I am still a bit on the fence about a sequel. Maybe next year for my next vacation then! Oh, and of course I would highly recommend this fun book to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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