Review for What Happened To You?

Review for What Happened To You?

What Happened to You?, James Catchpole, Karen George, Picture Book, Disability, Children's Books, Questions, Kid, Swing A really adorable book about a boy with one leg who is DONE with all the questions~!

I just had to bring this book along from the library, it looked just too good and I am always looking for books about topics you don’t often see in picture books or children’s books. In this case it is about a boy with just one leg.

Meet Joe, Joe is having a great time at the playground, imagining himself sailing the seven seas, grabbing a rope and swing over dozens of hungry sharks. He is having a great time… but then other kids come by and ask the dreaded questions: “What happened to your leg?” And not being satisfied with any answer. I just felt for Joe because it was very clear that he is DONE absolutely DONE with the questions about his leg and whether or not he is just hiding it. Yes, honestly, I was laughing at the ideas the kids had on what could have happened, but I can imagine that just gets enormously annoying when it happens all the time. So I was curious to see what Joe would do! Would he get angry? Would he just go away? Or….

Well, I can tell you what does happen is something that made me very happy. I won’t spoil anything, but I found it a very good idea of Joe to do that. To pick that. It helped in so many ways.

I think this is a great book for kids to learn that sometimes you shouldn’t ask questions, especially in regards to someone’s health or someone’s body parts. That you should just leave it, if the kid or adult wants to talk they will tell you themselves in their own time.

The art was also fabulous and I really loved the style of it. Really enjoyed seeing Joe’s imagination come to life.

All in all, highly recommended to all!

Star rating, 4 stars

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