Review for Would You Like to be a Family?

Review for Would You Like to be a Family?

Would You Like To Be A Family?, Koyama, Yaoi, Short Stories, Romance, LGBT, Family, Cute, MangaI received this manga from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I saw this cover I just had to request it over at Netgalley, it looked too cute to pass by. But I guess I should have read that blurb as well. XD

In this book we apparently not just get this couple, which was very confusing. I didn’t even realise it until I suddenly got different characters and I found myself scrolling back to see if I missed something. XD I thought at first that maybe we went back in time… but then the characters had different names. Haha, that is what I get for just going by the cover and the title. In the end while it was confusing at first (and also the second time) I did have fun reading the other two stories. Loved reading about Kuma and Kodama, see them find the guy they like, come out, figure out their feelings. Yes, there is plenty of drama and at times I found myself rolling my eyes because come on just talk for crying out loud.

On the first story, that was just the cutest. Two colleagues, one a loner and the other more sociable. One afraid of being hurt again, the other a single father with a sad past. One day these two meet up in the grocery store and then things get very cute very fast and I found myself rooting for these two. For it to work because they sure have chemistry. I loved seeing Take get closer to not just the man he likes but also to his son (though it took a while for them to really go well because for most the little guy treated Take as a rival to his father’s affections and I had a big laugh seeing Take brag about things as well). I loved how they slowly became more and more a family and I loved it even more seeing Take come out of his shell. See him loosen up at work as well. There was a bit of drama, which had me rolling my eyes, I am so not a fan of that kind of stuff in romance books.
I am glad that in the end we also got a bonus story about them, this time our little boy is going to Junior High and our family is moving to a bigger house.

This was a sweet manga and I quite enjoyed it!

I really liked the art! It fitted with the cute stories.

So can we please get a manga fully with the characters from the first story? Please? I just want more!

All in all, I am happy I had the chance to read this Boys Love manga and I hope that more get translated in English.

Star rating, 3 stars

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    1. It is! I am so happy I am not the only one! Seriously, just talk! 90% of drama in romance (manga and normal) is just because suddenly they don’t know what words are. 😐

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