Spooktober is coming, Halloween is almost here – TBR Time 2021

Spooktober is coming, Halloween is almost here – TBR Time 2021

Hello all!

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waves skeleton hands Hello and a big BOO welcome to the Halloweentober, or Hallowtober, or Spooktober. Pick your poison. XD

I am back again with my list of spooky things I want to read, but I also present a small list of things I want to watch this year. There is still a day left before the spoooooookinesss begins but I really wanted to share this one early with you all, just like last year. I am just too hyped that it is finally time.

I got several books to read this year. Went on a small cough shopping spree to get some books that recently released and that were spooky/horror/mystery/murder. And just like last year I hope to re-read some manga that I haven’t read in a while. Which this year includes Blood Lad as well as some more Higurashi. Like I thought last year, reading the whole series was just not doable and I definitely wont be doing it this year. So my plan is to just pick 4 (generally means 2 ARCs) volumes each year. I guess at the end of the re-read I can start at Vol.1 again. Haha.

My Kindle also has some spooks and scares waiting for me. Though I didn’t really had time to save a lot of them like last year. Thankfully, there is still a whole month to find some new spooky reads. Oh, and this year I also want to read some of the Tor novellas I still got.

Just like last year, physical books get a photograph (and any books later will just be added as a list) and my Kindle/Tor list gets a list.

I will be updating this post as the month continues, so be sure to check it out~


*October 3rd: Added new books + updated the list! It is off to a great start! And yes, I read some Halloween books before the first of October. I couldn’t wait any longer. XD
*October 6th: Updated the Physical books image, added new books + updated the lists.
*October 8th: Another update! new manga I read today, a library book, plus some movies I want to watch.
*October 11th: Updated the physical books image, added a new book to the list, marked stuff as read.
*October 14th: Updated the physical books image, added new books to the list (both ebooks and normal books), marked stuff as read. It is going so well! I am very happy with all I am reading this month. 🙂
*October 19th: Another update! Physical books photo + list + ebooks list!
*October 22nd: New update! Physical photo + list and ebooks list~ So much spookiness.
*October 30th: One day to go! Done with my physical photo stack. Added new books to ebooks + physical books. One more day to go!
*November 1st: Happy Halloween and I just added my last books! It was such a wonderful month and I read a lot of spooky and spoopy books. I still cannot believe I managed to read so much of my Halloween stack given how much of a mood reader I am. I guess my mood was also in the mood for spooky. XD I hope everyone enjoyed this post! Can’t wait to see what I will be reading next year.


Physical TBR

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On my Kindle/Tablet or from TOR


On Netflix:


As you can see A LOT to read and I cannot wait to dive into these books and read all the spooky tales and stories filled with murder, ghosts. Visit scary locations~

Do my readers have any special reading plans for this Halloween? Let me know! I am also curious what you all think of my Halloween choices, anything that I should read first? A big happy Halloween to all my readers and I hope that it is filled with terror and scares~

10 thoughts on “Spooktober is coming, Halloween is almost here – TBR Time 2021

  1. i love immersing myself in spooky content this time of year. love this list of novels and movies to consider to check out! thanks for sharing.

    1. I am happy I am not the only one going fully under in Halloween/spooky content! Thank you! You’re welcome and thanks for commenting~

    1. Thank you! And I don’t need to get through them all, I just wanted to have plenty of cool options for this month. Best to have too much options than have too little!

  2. thank you for sharing such a great list of books. love books of this genre and this time of year!

    1. Yay, another fan of spookies! Oh, I have been thinking of watching that one, but was unsure. Will check it out soon~ You’re welcome, hope you find something wonderfully spooky, enjoy!

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