StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing August 2021

StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing August 2021

Good afternoon all~

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A few days later than normal, but a big sticky welcome to the unboxing/unenveloping of the StickiiClub August Cute x Pop stickers!

I am so hyped about these stickers. They are truly super pretty, I am not sure which one I love more, the pop one with the gorgeous planets and space or the game + level up stickers in the cute pack.

What is Stickiiclub? It is a monthly sticker subscription, you can get three kind of packs, Cute, Vintage, or Pop. It is quite cheap, 10 dollars (around 8 euro) per pack. Shipping depends on where you live. For me it is 2.5 dollar.
Each pack has a minimum of 10 items. 6+ sticker sheets, 3 stationery items + 1 STICKII storage insert (which I love, now I just need an A5 binder with 6 rings). As you can see there is plenty to love about these packs. If you want more on the packs/Stickii Club check out their homepage.

Stickii Club, Stickers

First up the thing holding the stickers. This time the theme is Sleepy Skies! Such a pretty name for a pretty theme. I love the little paperclip with sleepy in it. And does anyone want the notepad?
Next up these gorgeous, really GORGEOUS stickers. I am so not going to use the moon stickers.. well until I find the ultimate perfect place for it. These are just to be pretty to be stuck on a random thing!

Eep! So cute and glittery! These are so adorable and I cannot wait to spread all the cuteness by sticking them on all the things. XD The left stickersheet’s art reminds me Grace Sandford’s art.

Pretty skies and gorgeous illustrations that would fit perfectly with some MG I read and a stickersheet fitting very well with the sleepy part of the theme. Happy to see some sleepiness appear as I was wondering when those would come up.

And the last and definitely my second favourite. These two gorgeous witchy room stickers! I already stuck two of these on my book trolley!
Stickii Club, Stickers 

First up is the plastic thingie (I am out of words) with a notepad (please I just don’t want these), extra big stickers, and two bookmarks (I claimed the one with the bear and my husband gets the kitty. The theme this time is Level Up which I love as I love games!

First sticker sheet is about cute girls and I just love the art in this one, it is so soft and pretty. I am definitely a fan of the girl with the round diving glasses and buns (got the big version stuck on my trolley). The next is not really my favourite though it is still OK. Just not sure about the art style.

Next up cute technology/gaming stuff and I just adore it. So sweet and I cannot wait to tape this on stuff. And on the next one is my second least favourite though still cute, it is just not my art style. Plus the dog looks semi-angry.

The last ones and definitely my favourites!!! Pusheen featuring gaming and then there is a sparkly one! I am giving my husband the one with the gaming machine so he can stick it on his laptop. The rest, well I am going to have to find a good place!

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