Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-9-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-9-2021

Afternoon all~

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Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Happy Sunday all~

Well, the week was mostly not OK (mental health is down and physical health is also not happy), but there was one event that made me forget things for a bit, namely my husband’s birthday! We went to the zoo, walked in the woods around the zoo (it was still to early for dinner) and then ate HUGE HUGE pancakes!
Reading-wise a very good week! Had fun reading my new library books + got my owned TBR down to 2 (though not for long as I went on a book spree XD).

What did I read from my TBR this week? Squad Goals (tons of fun, though author make up your mind, Cappie, Capricorn, or Capricorn Reese), Hollowpox (soooo good and that ENDING), Noedel de Doedel (this was just too cute and fun to read, hopefully more books will appear with this dog), Lucky’s boek vol winterpret (this was adorable though the CGI images ruined it a bit), Rust, Regelmaat en fikkie stoken (a really fun book about parenting with tips and anecdotes), Ninja patrol (really enjoyed this one, ninjas and swords), Voetbalschoenen met plakband (not a fan of the parents for most, but it was a fun book with plenty of friendship and soccer), Glitter (WOW), Curacao (an interesting photography book).

What did I try to read but DNF in the end? Brand New Boy, it just didn’t seem to go anywhere. Also gave up on Project Hail Mary, for now… it was just too much equations and science and math.

Here is a new stack. I just couldn’t choose and added so many books. XD

That is the end for this week’s TBR Updates! Thanks for reading and again wish me luck, I will need it. Have a great weekend and week, stay safe!

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