Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-9-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-9-2021

Afternoon all~!

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Jolly Sunday to all~

This was an OK week, mental health is up, sadly still not OK in the body department. But I will take it. I had fun visiting 2 libraries this week, did some other fun things, and today I am also going shopping, or well checking, for some new fake plants for my house! It is such a hit/miss with fake plants.
Reading-wise: Good week, good week! Had fun reading whenever I had time (or when my body wasn’t happy). I finished some ARCs for tours/promotional stuff which made me happy.

What did I read from my TBR this week? Hondenpoep onder je noppen (thankfully, almost no poop but plenty of fun soccer and more), Boek der heiligen (sad, but also awesome, loved learning more about Grishaverse Saints), Emma en Bighoorntje (good concept not so well translated and I was pissed about a comment about ADHD), Bloemschikken (interesting and I am so inspired now), Voor elkaar gemaakt (adorable and beautiful).

What did I try to read but DNF in the end? Vier seizoenen in Damascus (not what I expected, actually very dry), Het grote waterboek (not that interesting).

Here is a new stack! Filled with new books that came in this past week (yes, I went on a bookbuying spree) + some library books I still need to read before they go back next week. Oh, and a couple of spooky books for Hallowtober (yes, I moved Heroine Complex to that stack). Cannot wait to dig into this stack!

And there we go! That was my Sunday’s TBR Updates! Wish me luck and I hope you all have a great week! Enjoy and stay safe~

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