Top 10 Books August 2021

Top 10 Books August 2021

Afternoon all~

Welcome all to a new Top 10 post! Bye bye August, thank you for a fantastic 3 weeks vacation and other fun things.

This month was a pretty good reading month and I am excited by all the books I read, including several books that I had to stop myself from reading because I wanted to read them in my vacation and that thus could finally read! I found some new reads to love (and also found some NOT to love XD).

This month I had one 5+-starred books and seven 5-starred books (not counting re-reads). So I will be adding two books that are rated 4.5 stars.

For most of these books I read them during my vacation and I will be writing reviews, but it will take a bit to get it all scheduled. 🙂

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Still want to write a review
It's Behind You, Horror, Thriller, Reality Game Show, Reality Show, Light Bulb, Scary, Young Adult, Kathryn Foxfield
Still want to write a review
Crush, Tracy Wolff, Dragons, Vampires, Witches, Gargoyles, Games, Romance, Stone, Blood
Review to come next week
Girls Save the World in This One, Zombies, Survival, Cons, Horror, Pink, Purple, Girls, Ash Parsons
Chocoladetandarts en 237 andere waanzinnige beroepen, orange, boy, man, chocolate, humour, Children's books, jobs, funny, silly
Club Donald Duck, Book 4, Humour, Comics, Children's Books, Donald Duck, Walt Disney, Monsters, Ghosts,
Review to come next week
The Sinister Substitute, Marvel Avengers Assemly, Preeti Chhiber, James Lancett, Children's Books, Superheroes
Windje, Laurie Cohen, Elephant, Farts, Children's Books, Picture Book
Review to come next week

Owl Eyes Motel, Spooky, Heaven/Hell, Short Book, Short Stories, WTF
Review to come
Got Me Hoping, Casey Cox, Sex, Long Hair, Half-naked, Man, Vet Shop Boys, Casey Cox, LGBT, Romance

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