Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Collectors by Lorien Lawrence

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Collectors by Lorien Lawrence

Evening all~

Welcome to a new and spoooooooky Waiting on Wednesday! Today I am eagerly waiting on the second book in the Fright Watch series, The Collectors written by Lorien Lawrence.

I read book 1 last year and boy that was a spoooooky read and I loved it! And this year the second book released and I just want it in my hands. I want to see what our duo gets up to in this new book and what kind of ghosts pop up. I am very curious about the new neighbours (all white clothes, always together, very sus). It reminds me a bit of that episode of the Tupperware family from Eerie Indiana (loved that episode). It sounds all very spooky and I am also totally in love with the cover it is so haunting and it makes me even more curious about the book.

Now it is just waiting for either the paperback to released or for the hardcover to get in stock and get a normal price (because I ain’t paying 20+ euro to get something from a bookshop in the US through Amazon).

Fright Watch, The Collectors, Book 2, Lorien Lawrence, Children's Books, Horror, Scary, Mystery, Ghosts, Graveyard, TreeThe Ladies in White want you to join their family—forever. . .
After defeating the Oldies, Quinn and Mike thought that things would settle down on Goodie Lane. But then new neighbors move in. Maybe it’s because they all work at the interior design firm, but Abigail, Eleanor, Jade, Brea, and Cami seem to always be together, dressed in only white.
After everything that happened last summer, Quinn’s a bit wary of the Ladies in White, but her friend Lex is thrilled that someone in town finally has some style. But when Lex starts volunteering at the Ladies’ design firm, things get strange. Lex is acting less like herself, and Quinn begins seeing strange shadows lurking in their neighborhood. She knows the Ladies are to blame; she just has to prove it.

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