What I Hope To Read October 2021

What I Hope To Read October 2021

Hey all~

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Welcome all to a new What I Hope To Read post, October is here! Well, almost. Still faster than I had expected. Haha, I really wonder what happened to the month, it just flew by!

This month I got plenty of great looking books to look forward to! Lots of thriller, scary, or fantasy-filled books. Really, the Sylvia Witteman book stands out so much as that is the only one that is non-fiction and non-horror/fantasy/scary. XD

Again, the only books to pre-order are the Dutch ones as I still cannot pre-order on Amazon. Most of the books I am listing here are NOT available for purchase on my Amazon.nl. I am not sure what the problem is what Amazon, but I hope that they fix it. I miss pre-ordering so much because it always made a book coming in a surprise.

Oh, and since one book doesn’t have a cover yet… I am eagerly waiting for Mel Wallis de Vries newest book: Kansloos. It is set to release on October 26th and I am HYPED HYPED HYPED! I just love this author so much.

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