Cinema Sunday #2: Anime (Vampires and Monsters) + Netflix (Babysitters + Monsters)

Cinema Sunday #2: Anime (Vampires and Monsters) + Netflix (Babysitters + Monsters)

Evening all!

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Happy Sunday and welcome to a new Cinema Sunday! This week new anime started and I watched a movie on Netflix (which turned out to be not so spooky, sadly).

The original creator of this meme is Escape 2 Fiction. Sadly, their site is dead and I cannot link back. 🙁

Description: Cinema Sunday is a new blog meme I have created where I showcase a review for a movie I have seen recently. I would just love it if other bloggers decided to play along and do the meme as well. Of course they may post a movie review or do their own spin on Cinema Sunday by showcasing multiple movies they’ve seen that week as well as movies they can’t wait to watch. Mehsi’s edit: I will also list series in here because I can. XD


Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu, Anime, Humour, Hilarious, Funny, SupernaturalThis series recently started and I feel it will be a favourite of mine. In the very first place because my top favourite voice actor is playing the role of the vampire (Jun Fukuyama) and second place it is just too darn funny. You think you may get bored of seeing the vampire go up in sand each time and Jun exclaiming Suna (and even one time flipping it around when he revived) but it just stays funny and I just couldn’t wait to see what else the vampire was weak against (everything it seems). The art is pretty good/decent and fits well with the silliness of the characters and the story. The opening is definitely going to be listened to again and again. Because it is a fun song and dear Jun is singing it! I cannot wait to see what is next for this vampire and vampire hunter and I hope we meet the characters on the picture to the left soon! Very curious about them all!

Mieruko-chan, Spooky, Monsters, Ghosts, Ghouls, ScaryThe second anime I watched and that fits with the spookiness of Spooktober is Mieruko-chan. A manga I have started reading some time ago so I am pretty hyped about the anime. The opening was just a bit whut and I am not a fan, but the ending is a hit and I like it. I loved how the anime starts off pretty sweet and normal, though filled with hints that something is amiss and that creepiness is everywhere (like with Miko’s best friend who keeps eating, or the ball that just moved on its own). Then comes the second part and OH YAS it is starting! I would definitely not have been able to just stand there calmly and just hold it all in. I would scream and run. XD I cannot wait for the next episode, though I do hope less fanservice. I don’t mind fanservice but this was just silly.

I just absolutely LOVED the books (well, I need to read book 3 now that it is out) and so I was pretty hyped that there would be a movie for this one! But the movie was pretty well, tame. I had expected spookier. Tom Felton as the Grand Guignol (which I only found out about thanks to IMDB) just didn’t work for me. The GG was just a bit of a silly trickster and weirded me out rather than scaring me like he did in the books. He was just too flamboyant. He needs to be scarier. The monsters were not scary but rather weird. I mean CGI can work, but this was just odd and out of place, they weren’t scary. Just silly/weird. Around the middle I just found myself tuning out and I struggled to get through the rest. It just could have been so much more if it was made for an older audience, it had more of a Goosebumps vibe. Even Eerie Indiana vibes would have better. *sighs*

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