Cinema Sunday #4: Just Beyond (eps 5-7) + Muppets Haunted Mansion + The Turning

Cinema Sunday #4: Just Beyond (eps 5-7) + Muppets Haunted Mansion + The Turning

Hey all~

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Welcome back to another Cinema Sunday!

This week I watched some more of a series, checked out two movies. I wanted to watch more, but during the evenings I was often so dead tired that I would have fallen asleep if I watched anything. Yes, even the scary stuff. XD

The original creator of this meme is Escape 2 Fiction. Sadly, their site is dead and I cannot link back. 🙁

Description: Cinema Sunday is a new blog meme I have created where I showcase a review for a movie I have seen recently. I would just love it if other bloggers decided to play along and do the meme as well. Of course they may post a movie review or do their own spin on Cinema Sunday by showcasing multiple movies they’ve seen that week as well as movies they can’t wait to watch. Mehsi’s edit: I will also list series in here because I can. XD


Just Beyond, R.L. Stine, Disney+, Girl, Rings, Infinity, Scary, Short StoriesDecided on watching episodes 5, 6 and 7 of Just Beyond. Now I got 8 and 9 left for next week! These were pretty great episodes and I really had fun watching them. Episode 5 featured a girl who was very smart but wanted to also be pretty. Well, never trust your teacher or an app that makes you pretty. We all know the consequences after all these shows. I definitely felt sad the girl went this far and that she turned out to be that way. Thankfully, I just loved what she did at the end, that really required guts and smarts! The second episode is about a girl getting stuck at night at a theatre (WTF how did no one check if she was on the bus??) and she meets ghosts. Not so scary episode but I did have tons of fun watching it as the ghosts were fantastic and they really taught the girl something. I was so proud at her during the ending. The last one… a bully that rules a town named after his family and that his family runs. I was definitely eager to see some good portion of karma dealt to that rotten lump that was called Larkin. It was a bit hard to watch given things that happened when I was younger, but in the end it was a good episode. All in all, really happy with this show so far. Not so spooky as Goosebumps or Eerie Indiana, but still has some goose bump moments and a few scary scenes.

Officially seen last week but since I was so busy that weekend I forgot to add it to last week’s Cinema Sunday. XD So here we are! If there is one movie I would highly recommend to all to watch it is definitely this one. It was just an amazing and fun movie and my husband, me, and our best friend had a great time watching it. Great music and songs (we found ourselves singing along), Will Arnett as host was just the best decision, and the ghosts and the bride were fantastic. Oh and so many bad jokes and puns. XD I am definitely thinking of re-watching it again for Halloween!

Well, I am sorry, but this was just a big big big fat disappointed nope and I didn’t have fun watching the movie for most. There were some scary parts that were awesome (like things grabbing you in the dark, things in the mirror, but there were sadly too many parts that I just was either confused or wanted to chuck my phone at the screen. Miles was just horrendous (and yes, I get that he is possibly possessed by Quint) but still, it made the movie very hard to watch. He was just so creepy and NOPE. Not to mention that, seriously, if the kids I worked with would have done a stunt like they did with the pool? I would have grabbed my stuff and just gone. Fuck that. Sorry to the little girl, but nope. And otherwise I would have left when Miles was standing next to my bed while the door was locked. NOPE. And then there is the ending, my husband and I are both utterly confused what the fuck happened there. A loop? Is she in a mental institution? Dead? Something else? Oh, also warning for a rape scene,  not entirely visible but you know what is happening + the ending of that scene makes things very clear….

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