Happy Halloween ALL!

Happy Halloween ALL!

Hey all,

just wanted to wish you all a happy happy Halloween! I hope everyone has an amazing day full of candy and fun! Oh and tons of spookiness. The weather here is at least all for Halloween, it is rainy and gloomy/dark here.

Oh, and here are some great book recommendations in case you want to read something spooky (or spoopy), there is something for everyone:

Jigoku Kurayami Hana Mo, Michio Yoru, Dark, Suicide, Youkai, Horror, Manga, Man, Kimono, AwesomeThrough the Woods, Emily Carroll, Horror, Short Stories, Graphic Novel, Halloween, Spooky,Owl Eyes Motel, Spooky, Heaven/Hell, Short Book, Short Stories, WTFIt's Behind You, Horror, Thriller, Reality Game Show, Reality Show, Light Bulb, Scary, Young Adult, Kathryn FoxfieldMina and the Undead, Amy McCaw, House, Girl, Fence, Vampires, Murder, Mystery, Halloween, Spooky,Eat Your Heart Out, Zombies, Horror, Young Adult, Pink, Baseball bat/bat, girl, survival, Kelly DevosTen Minutes to Bed: Little Monster, Cute, Funny, Monster, Moon, Night, Sleeping, Picture Book, Children's Books, Rhiannon FIelding, Chris ChattertonHalloween is Coming!, Cal Everett, Lenny Wen, Moon, Halloween, Wheelchair, Kids, Picture Book, Holidays, Children's Book, Parade, Costumes
The Ghoul Next Door, Flashlight, Shadows, Middle Grade, HOrror, Spooky, Friendship, Cullen Bunn, Cat FarrisDesmond Cole Ghost Patrol The Haunted House Next Door, Andres Miedoso, Victor Rivas, Children's Book, Two Boys, Houses, Horror, Ghosts

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