Library Haul ~ 16-10-2021 (Library #3)

Library Haul ~ 16-10-2021 (Library #3)

Afternoon all~

Welcome all to a new Library Haul post! Yesterday I visited Library #3!

Normally we would go for two libraries in one go, way easier and with everything better. But now things are safer/better here I just want to split things up again. Especially since it is very tiring to visit two libraries. So this week it was decided to go to Library #3 as I was done with the books and wanted some fresh blood, um books. And you can look forward to a library haul for Library #2 next week!

I instantly had some luck when I checked the new releases tables, I quickly had a nice stack of 5 books and I still needed to visit other floors! My luck continued throughout my whole visit, found great books at the children’s/YA section, had fun adding some new (and some old unread) GN/comics. This time I just flew through the library, its been a long time since I had this luck with my haul!

I cannot wait to get started on these books! Well, first I got to finish some other books, haha, but I am definitely reading one of them now.

STATS: 12 books! 5 graphic novels, 3 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Songlife by Gerrit de Jager
Meer natuur by Sarah Stirling
De laatste halte by Casey McQuiston
Two Terrible Vikings by Francesca Simon
Influence by Sara Shepard
The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse
Insta Travel by Kim van Weering
Marsupilami – Hommage: Het beest, #1 by Zidrou, Frank Pé
Vrouwen in ‘t wit #27 by Philippe Bercovici
Roos Vink 4 – Brugpieper Roos Vink Schattig! by Jan Vriends
Vrouwen in ‘t wit #31 by Philippe Bercovici

4 thoughts on “Library Haul ~ 16-10-2021 (Library #3)

  1. Looks like a great selection – I want to read The Sanatorium too but there is a waiting list at my library so it must be good! Enjoy

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was a very nice surprise to see it in the library, it is quite popular here as well. I hope you get to the top of the waiting list soon~ Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Already finished Two Terrible Vikings, if you like children’s books and kids being naughty and lots of humor, I would recommend it. 🙂

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