Library Haul ~ 20-10-2021 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 20-10-2021 (Library #1)


Yesterday it was finally time to visit Library #1 again! It’s been a while and I was hyped to go again~

But remember me again to never go on a Wednesday. 🤣 The school’s are out earlier and the library was just full of kids. Not reading, oh no. Rolling, dancing, screaming, running. 🤣Thankfully, there were some calmer spots and I just waited until things were a bit calmer to check out certain spots, like the comics section which is in a hallway right between the older and younger kids books department.

In the end I am still very happy I went as I got a big big pile of books. I had a ton of luck this time especially in the kids and comics part. Plus, I loved that they added a Spooky table full of spooky reads. Halloween is not big here, so I am absolutely delighted someone from the library team thought it would be fun to add this for the kids. I picked up a riddle book and cannot wait to start reading it (sooooon).

STATS: 12 books. 4 non-fiction, 5 graphic novels/comics, 3 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Wat een tijd om alleen te zijn by Chidera Eggerue
Noodweer by Hans Mijnders
The Hatmakers by Tamzin Merchant
Babykookboek by Ouders van Nu
67 seconden by Jason Reynolds, Danice Novgorodoff
Yasmina #1 by Wauter Mannaert
De hartendiefjes #4 by Béka, Thomas Labourot
Oktoknopie #7 by Gerard Leever
Dood en opgegraven #2 by Jocelyn Boisvert, Pascal Colpron
A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals by Millie Marotta
Monsterlijke raadsels by Victor Escandell
Zwem mee met schildpad in de diepe zee! by Catherine Barr, Brendan Kearney

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