Review for Chobits Vol.5-Vol.8

Review for Chobits Vol.5-Vol.8

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaI am back again with my second part of the Chobits manga series. More drama, more tears, and a gorgeous ending.

6 days ago you could read my reactions on the first 4 volumes of the Chobits manga (see here). Here I am with my reviews for Volumes 5 to 8! I would highly recommend this gorgeous series to all. Be sure to bring plenty of tissues as these last volumes are wonderful.

Volume 5: Star rating, 4 stars: Things got a lot exciting in this one, Chi is still kidnapped and we see how she is doing with the rotten dude who took her, I really liked Kotoko she was adorable! Hideki and his friends are doing all they can to find and help Chi. I loved it. I also loved that Chi went into Chobit mode (as I would call it). I loved that the guys in black aren’t that bad, yes, I read the story before but that was years and years ago. I would love to know more about them.
I love the picture books and love reading them, would love to see them for real though. please make this come true CLAMP, I know it has been years, but please
I hope that the next volumes give us some more answers! I want those. Also, more bakery owner and Yumi.

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaVolume 6: Star rating, 4 stars: Another sad volume in this series. I was crying at the first part, but I am also happy with how things got resolved. Still not a fan of Kotoko (little snitch), while I did like her earlier, I wasn’t a fan of her in this one. I get why she may have done, but come on. Just show a bit more emotion like Plum does (though maybe not too much like Plum, haha). Love finding out more about Chi (very important to find out more what makes this girl tick) and seeing Chi have fun with Hideki (so adorable and cute) and understanding more and more of humans. The ending, HOLY CRAP. Noooooossssss.

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaVolume 7: Star rating, 4.5 stars: Yas, the Angelic Layer connection is there! Love love love it! Love finding about Chi, about who she was and who her twin is. Loved that the manager finally spoke up and explained it all to Hideki. We see a lot of conversations with Freya and Chi and I loved those though I also cried so much because it was so heartbreaking. I loved how the manager and Freya switched, we see Chi and Freya talking and then go back to the same story continuing with Manager and Hideki.
Oh, but those guys in black (who I ship so much because they are just adorable, though the guy is my fav as he seems to be more understandable about things) are on the hunt.
That ending. OMGGGGGGG! Things are really going now. The ending is coming!

Chobits, Clamp, Chi, Sci-fi, Romance, MangaVolume 8: Star rating, 4.5 stars: The final volume and I am so sad to see this series end. It is definitely a perfect ending for me, because everyone gets an ending. Not just the manager, but also the black duo who are adorable. And of course Chi and Hideki get their big fairy tale ending and I am happy for both of them. They deserve it after all the events from the past volumes. For Hideki for coming to face his feelings and be honest about them, I was just so proud of him as it wasn’t easy to tell those, to figure them out. For Chi who finally found the one for her and who can now be happy (and hopefully not have to use that power). I did love how Freya had to mention a certain cough part that would never be able to done. Oh Freya. XD You just had to, eh girl?

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