Review for Doing His Best to Confess, Vol. 1

Review for Doing His Best to Confess, Vol. 1

Doing His Best to Confess, Vol. 1, SATORU, Romance, Manga, Funny, Confessions, Slice of Life, Guy, BlueI received this manga from Netgalley/Kodansha in exchange of an honest review.

I saw a hot guy on the cover and clicked. Well, OK, the blurb helped as well. But it was mostly that cute guy on the cover. XD Priorities!

In this funny manga we meet with Natsuaki, a popular guy who seems very aloof but is actually just very shy. In this manga we see him fall in love with a classmate of his. He is unsure how to make it noticeable that he is interested and that he likes her. It also doesn’t help that the girl is slightly oblivious to him. He is staring at her and she is wondering why he is staring at the schedule in front of her. And there are other moments. Haha, Nashida reminded me of myself. I am also totally oblivious at points. XD I had fun seeing Natsuaki fall even further in love and keeps internally fangirling whenever she does something cute (like falling asleep in class). It was just so fun and I found myself fully rooting for the guy!

I am not sure how I felt about his best friend. He seems to be a good friend, but at times he just got in the way with the lovey-dovey parts. Go away, your friend is having a moment!

The art was a bit hit/miss for me. On the one hand BEAUTIFUL and stunning and I just love it, but there were times that things just looked not pretty and rather simple and ugly. Not saying simple is bad, but in this case it was just jarring how it went from detailed and glittering to simple and not OK. I would rather have seen a better balance or just all of the pretty art.

I love the ending, that is sure one way to end the first volume! Haha, he didn’t even know he had said it out loud. Oh my!

All in all, a pretty cute manga about a guy who likes a girl and tries to confess. I am definitely going to be reading this one more because I am curious what will happen next and if they will start dating some time soon. I would love that!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

7 thoughts on “Review for Doing His Best to Confess, Vol. 1

    1. Hey, and done! And as to reply to the comment about the friends butting in, yes there is always one. 🤣 It is hilarious (and a bit frustrating).🤣

      1. Right!? What nerve. Lol. Thanks, my brain is not working at its best lately lol. Do you have any Manga reccomendations? I’d love to read more, LGBTQIA+ ideally 🥰🥰

        1. Haha. 😝 You’re welcome, hope your brain returns to you quickly again. 🧠 I sure do, is it OK if I reply with a couple tomorrow? It is after 9pm here and I am a bit too dead to check my laggy Goodreads shelves. 🥱

          1. Absolutely! Thank you. And I have almost daily seizues so my brain is bleh. But, no worries I keep going. Have a great night, sleep well 💜

          2. Oh no, sorry to hear that. 🙁 Here are some books to distract your mind, took a bit longer as I also had to check if they were out officially in English so you could get them: The Summer of You by Nagisa Furuya (M/M) / Glass Syndrome by Eiko Ariki (M/M) / Our Not so Lonely Planet Travel Guide by Mone Sorai (M/M) / Blue Flag by KAITO (a whole lot of things) / The Cat Proposed by Dentou Hayane (M/M) / Superwomen in Love! Honey Trap and Rapid Rabbit by sometime (F/F) / Bloom into You by Nio Nakatani (F/F) / Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid by coolkyousinnjya (F/F) / Kashimashi by Yukimaru Katsura, Satoru Akahori (boy turns to girl, falls in love with two girls and they with her).

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