Review for FEARFUL: Scary Stories of the Evil App

Review for FEARFUL: Scary Stories of the Evil App

FEARFUL: Scary Stories of the Evil App, Christian Nava, Jesús Duke, Horror, Brothers, Twins, Friendship, Scary, Monsters, App, Phone, Family,I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, this was just a delight to read, about two boys (twins) who go out spook hunting in a mall and find a very special phone… And from that moment scary things happen and I was totally invested.

So that phone, and mostly that app, there is something wrong with it, and I could quickly see that Jake was disappearing, or well, how he normally was was changing. We see that the brothers who normally already bumped heads quite often (to the despair of their mom), bumped heads even more than normal. I had fun figuring out what was going on and I loved how dark and scary things got over time. S wasn’t always my favourite character, but I could definitely relate at times. I was rooting for him. To get rid of that evil phone, get his brother back, and save his family. Because if Jake (or what Jake actually is) gets through things… Dooom!

Next to that EVIL app, we also get plenty of other things, because something is very wrong with this town. Or well, at least now. Because before the Squall things were relatively quiet, but now rain happens so often, there are sightings of Horrors, strange things go bump in the night. I absolutely wanted to step into the story and go on a horror hunting afternoon myself. Check out all sorts of scary places. I would want to bring my friends though, because haha, some back-up would be nice.

I am also a fan of C.J.. I love kick-ass girls, and nothing gets more kick-ass than a girl loving horror stuff and walking around with a super-soaker filled with holy water. XD I do hope that in the next books we see more of her.

I am definitely curious about X-Machina, and I also hope that in the next books (yes, I am hoping for that) we get to see more of the things that go bump in Quiet Falls. And maybe also learn why that squall hit this town and what it all meant.

The whole story gave me Goosebumps, and even more so, Eerie Indiana vibes. Love it!

There were two things that stood out to me, one in the blurb it is mentioned that S finds the phone, but it actually Jake in the story. And also Jake who gets cursed and it is Jake that S has to save (and well, along the way also himself). So that was confusing for me for a moment. I also would have liked a more natural progression from the end of the chapter to a new chapter. I have found myself going back a page or two to see if I missed something because at times it just felt like we went from A to D instead of A to B.

The art was just fab and I love the style. It fitted very well with the story~

All in all, a very fun book that I read in one go. I just had to read it all. I would recommend this book to all who like spooky things~

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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