Review for Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori

Review for Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori

Norimitsu Kaihou (Nitroplus), Sadoru Chiba, Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori, Zombies, horror, Epilogue, manga, conclusion, Short, Letters,The girls are back in this gorgeous epilogue/sequel manga.

So I was utterly sad when the main series ending + with the rushed ending I just wanted more. I needed more closure! And apparently I wasn’t the only one who wanted that, because here we are with a shiny new manga. It is just one volume but it brings the closure that I definitely needed.

In this manga we see the girls again, it has been x years since the events of the manga Gakkou Gurashi and we are going to find out what is up with the girls (and the world). Each chapter lists a different character and we see both the main girls as well as the university girls. I was really happy with this format and was eagerly looking forward to each chapter. I loved reading about Yuuri, see how Miki is doing (still having a hard time getting over the loss of Kei), I was so proud of my girl Kurumi though also heartbroken given everything. I was happy to see how the world is doing. It is still a mess, zombies are still around, but deaths and injuries are almost not happening. They got a cure. They got something to use against the zombies and kill them. They are saving people (I was just crying for that poor boy stuck in the car). They are finding out about families and friends. The world is coming back. Slowly, because a lot of things got lost. Lots of people died. But they are trying and I love seeing the hope and the happiness get back into this world. Plus, we see how they saved the world a bit better, we see what happened afterwards. I definitely got the conclusion and closure I wanted.

I loved that the last chapter is about Yuki. Our delusional but sweet girl who is now doing what she wanted to do the most. I loved how her chapter also ties the whole letter sending that happened throughout the volume. How she taught the kids about letters and let them write one (and made me cry when that little girl asked that question to Yuki).

But I am rating 0.5 stars less because of chapter 7, that one just felt totally useless and made me more confused and weirded me out. I would have preferred a different chapter.

Highly recommend for the fans of the manga. Bring tissues.

Star rating, 5 stars

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