Review for Halloween

Review for Halloween

My Halloween, Happy Yak, Sophie Beer, Halloween, Cute, Picture Book, children's Books, Words, Action, Feeling, CuteI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was just the cutest Halloween book I think I ever read. It was still filled with Halloween but done in such an adorable way. It was just too spoopy and I love it.

In this book we follow a little girl and family (I am just going to see that orange boy and woman as part of the family as I would love that to be true) as they prepare for Halloween. There is no story with words but the illustrations are there to give all of the story and show us what is going on.

Next to seeing the family prepare we learn all the words. From a knife to cut the pumpkin to candles and plates to butter used for cookies and a kettle that is on the stove. There are wings on a costume and a torch for the scaredycats when going out to trick/treat. There is a moon in the sky and cute little mice running around at night. I just loved all the words and I am sure that kids will love learning words this way. Plus, they can also learn acti0n and feeling words. Like scooping or tired. Loved that as well!

But we also get little themed pages featuring pumpkin faces who are ranging from happy to worried. There is a page filled with yummy and spooky treats (can I have that doughnut please). And there are a couple of other pages filled with Halloween YAS!

The art was just the best! It was spoopy and fun and I love the colours!

Highly recommend this one for the spooky season!

Star rating, 5 stars

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