Review for Hide and Don’t Seek: And Other Very Scary Stories

Review for Hide and Don’t Seek: And Other Very Scary Stories

Hide and Don't Seek, Anica Mrose Rissi, Horror, Chest, Attic, Scary, Horror, Children's Books, Short StoriesAn anthology that was at times very spooky, sadly, I wasn’t always a fan.

So I was pretty hyped to read this one, I have been eyeing it since June/July, so I was delighted it was Halloween month and I could soon read it. And while I did have stories I enjoyed…. I never really rated them high. Often the stories felt rushed, more like a WIP than a final product, more like someone had many ideas and wanted to stuff them all in, not considering that maybe it would have been better to just add half the stories and work those out and just make another Hide and Seek book for another batch of fun spooky ideas. Because really? I loved all the ideas she had, I loved all the spookiness. There was tons and tons of potential out there. But they need to be worked out. More details added, better endings. These short stories just never felt like they were meant to be short stories, or well, not so short at least.

Now for the positive, the author can definitely write. Next is the poems that are spread through the book, I always love anthologies (and then especially horror) with poems in it. Next up the art is just freaking awesome and scared the wits out of me. There were a few that definitely brought nightmares. The cover is amazing as well!

Here is a list with ratings I would give per story:
Hide and Don’t Seek: ★★★
Beatrice: ★★★★
Have You Heard: ★★★
You’re It: ★★1/2
Truly Delicious: ★★★★1/2
No Fear: ★★
The Secret: ★★
The Best Teacher at Pleasant Hill Oak Elemntary: ★★1/2
Once Upon a Time: ★★
Good Dog and Bad Cat: The Scariest Tail: ★
Only a Dream: ★
The Girl and the Crow: ★★
Renie’s Song: ★★★
Here, Kitty Kitty: ★★★
The Friend: ★★1/2
Superstition: The Play: ★★★★
The Boy and the Crow: ★★1/2
Two Wishes: ★★★

Total rating: Star rating, 2.5 stars

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