Review for Kitty and the Great Lantern Race

Review for Kitty and the Great Lantern Race

Kitty and the Great Lantern Race, Paula Harrison, Jenny Lovlie, Cats, Superheroes, Cute, Parade, Festivities, Children's Books, Illustrations, Cat, Rooftops, House, MoonIt is time for the big parade with tons of gorgeous lanterns! But what is this? Who is stealing things?

It is time for a new Kitty and I was just absolutely HYPED to find the English version at the library! This is a very rare event so I am still doing a very happy dance! Plus, George is not in the mix so I am even happier.

In this delightful and OMG, can I just jump into the book, story we see Kitty and her friends/classmates make gorgeous lanterns. From whales to kitties to butterflies, the kids are really letting their imagination go and I was looking forward to the parade! The parade itself was wonderful and gorgeous (especially helped by the orange/black colours). But the real excitement starts when things get stolen with the biggest item being the big shiny crown (which I would love to have won). Kitty is not happy and she is going to find the person who did it and I was totally in for it. Of course, we the reader know who the culprit is. Just look at the illustrations, read the hints. So I was waiting for Kitty to find out! I loved the chase over rooftops, through trees, and eventually to a big and high place.

The culprit? I wasn’t a fan of them. Not at all. I mean, I get you want some excitement in your life, but there are other ways than making people sad and hurt. Other ways than stealing. I am glad that Kitty took her time to explain and wasn’t deterred even after the culprit just acted bossy and as if Kitty was the fun killer. I am happy with Kitty’s solution in the end. Good job girl!

The ending just had me smiling so much. Not just because of the outcome of the parade, but also because of the sweet moments between mom and daughter.

The art is still fabulous!

All in all, bring on the next book! This was the cutest!

Star rating, 4 stars

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