Review for Love After World Domination, Vol. 1

Review for Love After World Domination, Vol. 1

Love After World Domination, Vol. 1, Koi Wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de, HIroshi Noda, Wakamatsu Takahiro, Superheroes, Good VS Evil, Dating, Romance, Manga, cute, Girl, SkeletonI received this book from Netgalley/Kodansha in exchange of an honest review.

OK, this was even more fun than I had expected. It was just so hilarious and cute, and funny, and I loved it. I need more of this series right NOW!

Meet our two lovers, Red (or Fudo) and Reaper Princess (or Desumi). These two are in a very forbidden relationship, because well… they are the leaders of two factions/two sides. One is the side of good, Red and his other Gelato Rangers. And then there is Reaper Princess who is part of the evil faction. There are constant battles between good and evil with them in the spotlight. For some reason Fudo/Red fell completely head over heels with Desumi. I don’t blame him, she is adorable and her Instagram account is filled with cute things. I just absolutely loved seeing these two try to figure out how to maintain a relationship and date while being part of two different sides. Not an easy task given how much of a spotlight is on these two leaders. So we see them try to have a fun time while their minions/fellow peeps on their side are battling (yes, really) and then having to engage in fake fighting when someone pops up near them. Which just had me in stitches.

I had such a big laugh in the beginning when we found out how Fudo/Red asked Desumi/Reaper Princess out/told her he liked her. She didn’t believe him until he started summing up all the things she likes and does in her free time. XD And then came the first hurdle… both had no clue how dating or relationships worked. Yep, these two are so into the battles and trying to have a life around that (with High School stuff as well which I didn’t expect given how old both of them looked) that they just haven’t had time to do dating stuff. Well, then again, Fudo is pretty clueless. Whereas I could see Desumi just date, I don’t see Fudo do that. But these two found each other. And I am rooting for them!

This was just too much fun to read. Dates, infiltration missions, telephone numbers exchanges, and much more. I loved how Desumi at one point managed to make the next mission to take place at the amusement park she and Fudo wanted to go to. Girl, effort, but I love it!

Given the ending of Chapter 5 and 6… I am curious how this will go on… Give me the next volume!!

That bonuschapter was just the cutest! Thanks for adding it author, because I love it!

All in all, I will end it here though I would love to chat more about this fun manga, if you are in for a superhero/supervillain manga in which the two leaders date and love silly situations and great art, be sure to check out this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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