Review for Moomin and the Little Ghost

Review for Moomin and the Little Ghost

Moomin and the Little Ghost, Orange, Ghost, Moomin, Tove Jansson, Children's Book, Fantasy, Ghost, Cute, Children's Books, FriendshipAn adorable and brave story about Moomintroll and the little ghost that lives in the lighthouse.

Being a fan of Moomin and the rest I was delighted to find this spooky little picture book over at one of my libraries. Yes, it is even in English which made me smile. I really should see if they have more picture books of Moomin because I really enjoyed reading this one.

In this one the Moomin and their friends go to lighthouse on Lonely Island (love that name). It should be a wonderful and adventurous vacation but instead we see that Moomintroll is afraid to sleep, even with a light on. There is a ghost in his room (which I found just sad/funny-looking rather than scary) and he doesn’t dare to sleep. Oh, and the bed is also just not nearly right, to which I could relate as I have had some uncomfortable or just not right beds while away. Since that couldn’t be solved, I hope that Moomintroll would find a solution for the ghost problem. Or someone else. Because this is a vacation for adventure and one shouldn’t be afraid the whole day.

So, I absolutely loved the idea that Tooticky and Snorkmaiden came up with. That is a smart idea! I had fun seeing the plan set in motion and I was definitely cheering for Moomintroll. That is all I will say, you will have to read to see what will happen.

The art, I really liked it!

All in all, I am so glad I picked it up. Perfect for my Halloween/Spooktober reading.

Star rating, 4 stars

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