Review for Pigology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia

Review for Pigology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia

Pigology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia, Daisy Bird, Camilla Pintonato, Green, Pig, Non-Fiction, Children's Books, Cute, AnimalsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So remember my Chickenology review from earlier this year (if not be sure to click the link). I was a big fan of that book and so I was excited to see Pigology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia appear on Netgalley. It was by a different author, but with the same illustrator. I just couldn’t resist. And I definitely hope we get more of these books. Maybe cows next? Or horses? Or sheep? Or… wait, I could just keep on going with all the animals, haha.

And this was such a delightful book to read! We learn about some history on pigs (though it seems a lot of it is still unclear, but it would definitely be cool if that hell pig was an ancestor), we read about their toes (two of them), about the various wild pigs/boars that exist (all of the cute of course). And there is plenty more on how pigs got to be pigs and boars got to be boars. Next to that we learn more about what else pigs can do. Like did you know they could swim? Or that they love toys and may prefer new over familiar? And there is more! It was just all so interesting to read and while I knew quite a bit about pigs already… I learned some new things while reading this book. Oh and I learned that if I want a pig I would love a Belgium Pietrain or a Limousin. Not that I can get a pig in my garden, but you know, just let me dream a bit.

Of course, we don’t just learn about pigs being alive. We also learn what meats you can get out of a pig, about sausages and various dishes around the world, but also that a pig can be used for more than that. Brushes, heart valves, and more. I knew a few of the things that were made with pig, but I also learned some new ones. Like fine bone china!

I was also happy to see mythology and mottos/sayings and famous pigs and special kinds of pigs appear in the book. When they say Pigology they really meant pigology! Everything comes by.

The art was just as lovely as in the Chickenology book! I just wanted to reach out and grab a pig and give him/her a big cuddle.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to all. This was just so much fun! I learned new things, got to see some adorable pigs.

Star rating, 5 stars

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