Review for Prom House

Review for Prom House

Prom House, Chelsea Mueller, Murder, Secrets, Thriller, Horror, Murder, Party, Prom, House, Palm Trees, RipsWhat should have been the best weekend of their lives… became the worst in this exciting and paranoia-filled book!

In this book we follow a girl, Kylie, who is looking forward to a fun night with drinks, music, and more to close a year of school and to celebrate going to college. There are 8 of her friends and one tag-along who apparently almost no one likes. The weekend was supposed to be terrific… but ended up with death, near-drowning, and a storm. Not a weekend to forget.. just not for the good reasons.

I absolutely LOVED that very early in the book we get our first murder. Haha, I so didn’t expect that to happen, I thought for sure that he was just pranking them, because I am so used to horror books starting late with murder/gore. But he was truly dead!

I loved that there was a storm as well, I do love a good book about storms and murder. About people stuck in one place… nowhere to go… nowhere to run. I did think it was odd that no one evacuated them or even tried doing that (but we are not alone as we learn in the end). The storm started off pretty OK, but quickly became something of a beast. Water rising, wind blowing, stuff flying around.

I did love Kylie and Liam together. I have to say, given the book, I was definitely on my toes whenever Liam did something suspicious. I just kept hoping that he wouldn’t be the one because I just loved the romance and the fire between Kylie and Liam.

BUT I had expected more murder, more gore, and more scariness. Things did happen, oh yes, they did. But it was mostly paranoia that happened as the storm continued to rage around the house. As things got more harrowing. I have to say as soon as I found out that we probably wouldn’t get many more murders, I settled in for all the paranoia and loved it all. It was great to see how the characters got more and more defensive or more secretive as the story continued and our MC kept asking the questions. And she wasn’t going for a no. I had fun trying to figure out, along with Kylie, who was the killer and who was next.

The ending felt a bit rushed in my eyes. We are just a few pages away from the book ending and I was still not sure who was the culprit (though I had some thoughts) nor how this would end. Then a lot of things happen in one go and while it was exciting.. I would have liked it to be a bit less rushed. A bit more natural, instead of how it felt now like OH, we are already through the pages, quick, let’s end this one.

All in all though, even with the rushedness of the ending, and the little murder/gore, I flew through this book and I couldn’t put it down.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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