Review for Ten Delicious Teachers

Review for Ten Delicious Teachers

Ten Delicious Teachers, Ross Montgomery, Sarah Warburton, Humour, Counting, Teachers, Monsters, Fantasy ,Children's Books,A really fun and monsterific counting book featuring ten teachers and ten monsters!

I read this book in Dutch, but I just GOT to share this hilarious and fun book with all my English readers! Monsterific fun!

I started this book on my own, but after just one page I read it aloud to my husband who was next to me. I just had to share this one with my husband because I knew he would love this one as well. And he did, we both had a big laugh at the story!

And what is the story about? Well, about 10 teachers who apparently rely on public transport to bring them home.. but what to do if you miss the last bus? I guess go in the dark and spooky woods with clearly tons of monsters waiting to eat you up! We see how the teachers bravely go into the forest and then we see what happens to each of them. Some of the teachers had me going (and my husband as well): Noooo don’t do that. Oh well, you are gone now. XD We had a big laugh seeing all that happened to the teachers and how the monsters got to them. I loved how the story continued only then with one teacher less each two pages. My husband and I quickly got Agatha Christie vibes, then especially And Then There Were None vibes.

The ending was definitely unexpected and we both really loved it! That is sure one way to end a book and solve problems in one go. XD

The art was just fabulous, I love how the monsters were drawn, and I love how the illustrator put in many details in the art. Also be sure to check out the cover (both front/back) + the pages before the story.

All in all, want to laugh? Want to giggle? Want to go, nooooo don’t do that? Love unexpected endings? Be sure to check out this fun book, perfect for Halloween!

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