Review for Ten Minutes to Bed: Baby Unicorn

Review for Ten Minutes to Bed: Baby Unicorn

Ten Minutes to Bed: Baby Unicorn, Rhiannon Fielding, Chris Chatterton, Unicorn, Picture Book, Children's books, Unicorns, CuteA wonderful and magical bedtime story sure to delight young and old!

I just had to get this book and after reading it? I will be getting the other books in the series as well. These are just too cute to not all add to my collection!

In this adorable book we meet a unicorn named Twinkle who is about to head to bed, she just has a few more minutes before going off, but she is spending those 10 minutes doing ALL the things. Really. From frolicking in the meadow to watching dragons have a fun fire show to…. wishing for a baby brother! She is stuffing her 10 minutes full, and I wondered if time went slower, because normally when you have fun 10 minutes feel more like 1 minute! I just adored seeing her wish for a baby brother and I loved that quite soon she got one! The magic of rainbows! I just loved seeing Twinkle’s expression when a little baby unicorn dropped down from the rainbow.

And from then there are two adorable unicorns getting ready for bed… or they should. But Fizz, or little unicorn, is just having way too much fun, and Twinkle is just too happy to have a brother! I had so much fun seeing the two of them bond and have the best time! I loved how Twinkle cared so much for her tiny brother. Making sure he was happy, but also ready for bed.

The ending, those last pages, I just was awwing so much at how cute and adorable it was.

The art was just the best. Sparkly, colourful, fun, cute, adorable, I could go on! Be sure to also check both maps in this book, the day/evening one and the night one!

All in all, a wonderful and sweet bedtime story perfect to read before bed. Recommended to all~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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