Review for Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster

Review for Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster, Cute, Funny, Monster, Moon, Night, Sleeping, Picture Book, Children's Books, Rhiannon FIelding, Chris ChattertonIt is time for little monsters to sleep… but this little one wants to party~

After the success of Ten Minutes to Bed: Baby Unicorn, I just had to get more of this series. I will now be buying 2 books each month until I got the whole collection of Ten Minutes to Bed and then it is waiting for new books~

Meet Belch (perfect name for a monster), she has to go to bed in 10 minutes… but she isn’t planning on going without a bang. In this book we see her eat jelly (while it looked good some parts definitely made my stomach go), we see her have all the fun and all the party, even her friends make an appearance which had me laughing because hello? We got 10 minutes? Well, by that time even less. Impromptu dance party wasn’t one thing I expected to see, but I love it! I had so much fun seeing Belch have tons of fun, though I do wonder how times goes so slowly in Belch’s world because normally 10 minutes with fun feel more like 1 minute. XD

I loved that this girl herself decided to go to bed. She was sleepy. The 10 minutes were almost over. I was expected that maybe a parent had to show up, but no! Good girl! I did love seeing a peek of mom, which made me smile. I was already wondering where the parents were, but apparently they were around and let their kid have her fun. I would also allow my kid (if I had one) to have all the fun if she goes to bed herself in time.

I just love the pages before and after the story. The one with the map. At the beginning it is day and we see all the creatures from Ten Minutes to Bed in their places, we see monsters, and more. Then at the end of the book it is night and there is still plenty to see! Lots of cuteness… but wait what is that in the lake?

The art is still really adorable. The style fits so well with the story and I just love how cute everything is.

All in all, this is a wonderful book and I would highly recommend it. A spooky but adorable read~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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