Review for The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

Review for The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

The Bewitching of Aveline Jones, Blue, Horror, Children's Books, Ghosts, Phil HickesAveline is back and this time there are witches and a holiday she will never forget!

I am so hyped that this series keeps on going, because I absolutely LOVED the first book in this series. The covers are so pretty and I cannot wait to see what the next book’s cover will be.

I am tired/not feeling too well, so I will do my best to write a review, but sorry in advance if it is a bit chaotic.

In this book Aveline and her mom are on a holiday, just a lovely sweet holiday to rest and do some fun things. But when Aveline discovers a very awesome stone circle in the nearby field, a strange bottle, and then there is the arrival of an even stranger girl. I knew we were in for a fantastic magical story and I just sat back and watched it all unfold. I loved reading about witches, druids, and stone circles. I do have to say that this one wasn’t as scary as the previous one which made sure I didn’t sleep much. XD

I am not a fan of Hazel. While at times I could see another person underneath the one she shows to the world… I still disliked her and how manipulative she was. I can imagine you may not want to live alone for another x years, but seriously girl, you need to find someone who agrees fully. Not just manipulate your way in, enchanting friends and family, and other things. She makes for a good villain. Yes, I would definitely call her that given her actions. Definitely also adding in the ending and how she behaved there. Holy crap, I feel sorry for her sister. Also cursed for eternity, but making something of her life and trying to do what she can to find a way out.

I am happy that Harold was also part of the gang again and brought with him tons of books and information on everything.

There were a few moments that had me shaking my head. With that bottle. But also later on with the house. Yes, I am keeping it very vague, I just don’t want to spoil anything.

I just flew through this book. Before I knew it I had reached the ending and then I flipped the last page. The author has a really great writing style that keeps you into the story.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all! Go read it!

Star rating, 5 stars

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