Review for The Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories

Review for The Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories

The Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories, Elford Alley, Red, Horror, Ghosts, Creepy, Scary,A pretty spooky collection of stories. From haunted houses to wells that require sacrifices.

This was an anthology I found through Twitter and that sparked my interest. I just love spooky anthologies, there is always a story to enjoy, sometimes even many a story to enjoy~ I was eager to get to reading it, and yesterday I finally had time for it. And while there were plenty of stories in there that I enjoyed, with my favourite being The Last Night in the Damned House as it was frightening to hell, there were also stories that I disliked and had to drag my ass through (Legacy I am looking at you). I did love how many stories were connected to each other. Like the first story with the second and the second with the third. Yes, it was at first a bit confusing, but in the end I really liked that the author weaved things together. I love that we don’t just get ghosts but also things that crawl, corpse children, and demons looking like humans.

The only problems I had that at times (well OK, lot of times) the stories were a tad confusing, I think things could have been written better, questions answered. Now at times I just wasn’t enjoying a story a lot or I just didn’t feel the scariness because I had so many questions. Wondering what the fuck was going on. Also, at times characters could have written a bit more different, now at times I didn’t know who was talking until their name came up or a pronoun.

Here are the ratings per story (some combined as I felt the same for each chapter):
The Last Night in the Damned House: ★★★★1/2 (BEST STORY)
From the Well: ★1/2 stars
The House Waits: ★★★ stars
Hope #1 – #3: ★★★★ stars
Hope #4: ★★★1/2 stars
She’ll Stand in the Ashes: ★★★★ stars
Legacy #1-#5: ★ star (WORST
Legacy #6: ★★ stars STORY)
Cheers David: ★★★ stars
I am Going In: ★★★ stars
The Ghosts on Lake Steinbring: ★★★★ stars

In total I would rate this anthology: Star rating, 2.5 stars

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