Review for The Secret Halloween Costume

Review for The Secret Halloween Costume

The Secret Halloween Costume, Sophie Vaillancourt, Pumpkin, Witch, Halloween, Cute, Picture Book, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

While I have read a few Halloween books in this past week, sorry, I couldn’t resist. This one is my second real Halloween book (I read a manga earlier today). I definitely could use some cute book, because I am also watching a movie next to this and the movie is scary!

In this adorable and fun picture book we meet a little witch named Charlotte. This year she isn’t looking forward to Halloween and when we learn why I could totally understand! I mean, I get that it is tradition, but isn’t Halloween supposed to be fun as well? Having to be a scary witch is fun for a year, but each year? I can imagine that Charlotte wants something different! Something special! Something even more fun! I loved how she had the support of her peers/friends and even her grandma helped out with something awesome!

I loved the day of Halloween and how brave Charlotte was to just dress up as what she wanted to be. I won’t spoil her costume, but I just adored it, especially when she kept her hat but added something fresh to it.

And while I loved what happened after that… I did feel it was a bit too magical. Look I am happy, but I cannot believe a tradition is thrown away so easily. It just never that easy. I know this is a book and so I can forgive it a bit. And I guess it does have to end happy. But I would have liked more of the adults reaction. I also guess I am just too old to still believe things can be that easily resolved. I am sure if I was the age group I would have been very happy and didn’t care about the rest.

The art was very cute and I like the style!

All in all, despite the ending that was a bit too easy, I still had tons of fun reading this. Go Charlotte! Follow your heart~

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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